5 Cars That Drove in Space

Astronauts David Scott and James Irwin landed on the Moon forty-eight years ago. It was only NASA’s fourth mission to the Moon aboard Apollo 15 on July 30, 1971. I know as some of you are reading this article silently to yourself and thinking so what. Well, for starters their mission was even more of a paradigm shift in our unquenchable thirst to explore the Moon. David Scott and James Irwin were the first astronauts to drive on the Moon’s surface. I know right? Is your mind blown just thinking about driving on the Moon’s surface in a dune buggy sized rover. So, not only did they go into space they had fun on the surface of the Moon. I think this gives new meaning to whistle while you work.

The Apollo 15 would not be the only mission where there would be cars in space. In 2004 the third car would be Spirit and the fourth would be the Opportunity Rover. Since they were twins they both had the same mission on the Red Planet we call Mars. The mission was to look for liquid water and to find out if the planet could sustain life. Spirit and Opportunity both took pictures and transmitted videos back to NASA for image analysis. That is where the significance or the discovery that Mars was once wetter than previously thought. This now brought up the question of life on Mars and how would it have developed. The ability to have roving vehicles on Mars has helped increase the knowledge about the once mysterious planet and its atmosphere.

The fifth car in space was the Curiosity Rover. The Curiosity Rover was launched from Cape Canaveral on November 26, 2011. Its mission is pretty straight forward to explore the crate Gale on Mars. The Curiosity functions as part of the Mars Science Laboratory Mission. There is impressive engineering onboard the Curiosity. It has a nuclear-powered battery source and at first, NASA thought its mission would last two years, but now believe they can make it last indefinitely. I don’t know about you but speaking for myself I am excited about what the future of space travel holds.

Found on Pixabay

I look forward to all of the new pictures from space . I guess that is why I follow NASA on social media. Addendum note that the Lunar Rover was the first car on the moon, but the dune-buggy used by Scott and Irwin was the first battery-powered rover. I am not perfect just trying to keep my facts straight. I hoped you enjoyed traveling with me on my own space writing odyssey. I highly recommend watching The documentary Chasing the Moon: Apollo 11 Mission it is very information filled piece of work. I would give it 5 stars for sure as far as giving a peek into the astronauts’ lives after the mission was completed. I found the facts about how they were treated on college campuses very upsetting. I don’t want to spoil it for you so just know that is only this writer’s personal opinion.

Just for a quick recap of the 5 space cars:

#1 Lunar rover
#2 Dunebuggy
#3 Spirit
#4 Opportunity
#5 Curiosity