The Author

Ryan’s love for space started when he got a telescope for his 9th birthday. It was in no way a professional telescope and he couldn’t see very far or get detailed images. However, it was enough to spark a sense of wonder. He started to learn more about our solar system and space exploration. No matter how many books he read, the question of “What might be out there?” could never be fully answered.
Now a dad himself, he continues to share his admiration for the universe with his own children.

Ryan started this blog to write about topics that excite him and to maybe get closer to understanding how the earth fits into the larger cosmos.

His mission is to educate others about space. He aspires to introduce more people to the wonders of space by explaining scientific findings in easy to understand and bite-size articles. He hopes to get others excited about the universe and to make them understand how amazing space is.
Ryan also believes it is important to never stop exploring and to continue learning.