Where To Take The Best Space Photos in Arizona

You’ve gotten used to working with a telescope and have delved into the amazing world of astronomy for a bit. Now, you want to capture the beauty the night sky. How? By taking space photos, of course!

How to Take Space Photos:

Taking clear, beautiful images of space, or astrophotography, is easy. You don’t have to be an expert to capture these night sky images. In fact, all you need is your telescope and smart phone–it’s as simple as attaching your mobile phone to your telescope and start snapping! However you need to know where to go. Arizona is possibly one of the best states for capturing the night sky. Here’s a helpful list of five of the best places to take space photos in Arizona.

Tempe Town Lake

Space Photos Tempe Lake
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Tempe Town Lake, located in the heart of Tempe, AZ, is a 2-mile long man-made lake created from the dry Salt River. This beautiful reservoir stretches across a surface area of 224 acres, some of which is known as Tempe Beach Park, where numerous activities take place year round. Because of the many activities taking place here, from boating, fishing, hiking and more, Tempe Town Lake would make an excellent and safe environment for space photography.

Phoenix Mountain Preserve

This cluster of parks located among the Phoenix Mountains in Phoenix, AZ include: Piestewa Peak, Camelback Mountain Park, Papago Park and other beautiful parks. The desert-type environment throughout these parks in Phoenix Mountain is predominately made-up of small mountains and foothills. Because of this small mountainous terrain, capturing the best space photos would be perfect here, atop one of these mountains or foothills.

Estrella Mountain Park

This breath-taking park is part of the Sierra Estrella Mountain range in Phoenix, AZ. The park occupies a span of 19,840 acres of land, and offers a variety of activities to pursue. If you’re looking for a quiet, isolated type area to capture the most amazing space pictures, I suggest Estrella Mountain Park.

Oracle State Park

Named after the nearby town of Oracle, AZ, Oracle State Park is a wildlife refuge area, preserving 3,948 acres of land in the northeastern foothills of Arizona. This beautiful park is home to an abundance of unique plants, from Prickly Pear Cacti, to the occasional Juniper. It is also home to a variety of wildlife species, including: golden eagles, great horned owls, javelinas, cougars, jack rabbits, box turtles, Arizona alligator lizards, bull snakes and so many more. Oracle State Park is a great wide-open place to take fascinating space photos, and possibly sneak a few wildlife photos, as well.

Grand Canyon National Park

Finally, one of the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions in the U.S is, of course, the Grand Canyon. Not only do people from all over the world come here for the breath-taking sites of the Grand Canyon itself, but the astounding Colorado River, and many other attractions. Covering a grand total of 1,217,262 acres, the Grand Canyon National Park is the go-to spot for its awesome views and epic adventures that happen once in a lifetime. These reasons alone might be why one would visit to get some impressive space images, not to mention the clarity and depth of the night sky here is completely unreal.

These are just a few of the best and most beautiful space photo spots in Arizona that I can think of. So, if you’re ever in the great state of Arizona, or if you happen to already live there, you want to remember to take your telescope and a good mobile phone along with you when visiting these places. Go and capture the beauty of space and wonder what the night sky has to offer.